We Are Your Favorite Store.

Elephant Rescue is a brand retailing products with elephant touch dedicated to elephant lovers all around the world. We really care about your satisfaction. So all the products in this store are in high quality and carefully hand picked.

Visiting elephants during the holidays was a habit of ours from childhood. We grew up and so did they. That made us think about this wonderful creature a lot. It is well seen, how they have become a target of unethical people despite their value and importance to the world. That led us to open up elephant rescue and stand for them and be their voice. Following our initial goal, we contribute 10% of the profit for the sake of giants, even though the elephant rescue is not a charity organization.

Be proud! Every one of you who is buying from us is a partner to the elephant rescue project. And a big thank you to you for being with us and making us strong to protect elephants.